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Black Outlet Covers

This is a great deal on a black outlet covers for your rocker switch. The cover is the enamel finish and looks black, but is really easy to care for and looks great. The toggle duplex rocker has a enamel finish and is easy to care for and looks great.

Black Bear Mountain Double Outlet Plate Cover

Extra Large Outlet Covers

Are you looking for a large outlet cover that will protect your appliance from the sun and weather? Well, look no further than our extra large outlet covers. Our covers are made to fit any outlet and can be personalized with your favorite text or logo. Plus, our covers are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any outlet. So if you're looking for an extra large outlet cover, look no further!

Black Outlet Cover

This is a great black outlet cover to use as a replacement for old outlets. It's large and can cover a wide area, while still being stylish and small enough to fit in any size room. this is a black decorative outlet covers for the rocker class on an unlocked motor home. It includes a duplex outlet toggle wallplate with gfci input, and black decorative outlet covers for the top and bottom. The cover includes a small piece of fabric to cover the outlet and a large decorative rocker for the outlet cover. this flat electrical outlet cover is a great way to protect your outlet against damage and protect yourself from the elements. The cover is made of durable plastic and black bear graphics, and it has a tough design that will keep the moisture and salt water out. This cover is a great addition to your outdoor gear and will keep your outlet safe and healthy. this is a grouping of tin outlet covers that would allow your outlet to be seen from both an open position and from the closed position. The black marble image is waves of color that look like the perfect cover for your outlet. This group of outlet covers can be used for home outfitting, office use or just for general use.